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Chris Brown officially becomes new host of One Bills Live

The Bills Insider now has daily hosting duties

It is now official that Chris Brown is the permanent new host of One Bills Live. Brown has been a part of the Bills’ organization since 2006 in numerous capacities, including writing for the Bills website, Bills Insider and Shout magazines, and in recent years being a prominent voice on Twitter and Periscope reporting on Bills happenings.

As previously reported back in May, John Murphy, the former host of the One Bills Live weekday radio show and play-by-play announcer for game broadcasts, has stepped back from his role as host of the daily radio show he has hosted since it’s inception in 2012. Murphy had said he was hoping to spend more time at home upon the expiration of his contract in June in part because of his new grandson.

Since May the role has been split between Chris Brown (the Bills’ internal media member and insider) and Maddy Glab (a multi-media journalist for the Bills) filling the gap left by Murphy while Steve Tasker has continue his role as co-host.

While Murphy has, at times, been criticized for relentless optimism around the team regardless of circumstances, Brown has built a reputation of being more straightforward and measured.