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COVID-19 opt-out deadline is Thursday: All the details

What has to happen after Thursday to opt-out?

As news continues to break around the league with players opting out of playing in the 2020 NFL season due to the risks associated with COVID-19, a deadline approaches that will prevent most additional players from making that choice if they haven’t already.

Thursday, August 6th at 4 PM Eastern is the deadline for NFL players to select the opt-out provision available to them in 2020. Those who choose the opt out will receive a $150,000 advance of their contract if they do not have a diagnosis that qualifies them as high-risk. They receive a $350,000 stipend if they do qualify as high-risk according to the league guidelines

However, there are ways in which a player will be able to opt-out after Thursday.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, a player can only choose to opt out and still be similarly compensated as those who have already chosen the option in two circumstances. First, if they receive a new diagnosis that places them at high-risk when they were not previously or if they are diagnosed with COVID-19. Second, if a player’s family member dies, is hospitalized, or otherwise moves to a medical facility because of COVID-19 or related condition. If neither of those things are true then Thursday at 4 PM is a player’s last opportunity to not participate further in the 2020 NFL season.