Let It Play Out

In an age where unfiltered data is readily disseminated for knee jerk reaction, I think the NFL deserves kudos for their measured response to the hysteria over COVID. Granted they were in their offseason while other leagues were in playoff mode, they did not overreact. They observed, pondered and adjusted; not outright committing to cancelling activities they altered the NFL draft (for better?) but limited OTA until more intel was obtained.

Fast forward as other leagues resume play. Again whether fortunate to just beginning pre-season, I feel they are taking a measured response and are adjusting to hurdles as they arise. Not overreacting to a positive test, but allowing re-test and return upon 2 neg (not 2weeks) and performing an immediate re-test after suspect false (+), ensuring players/teams are not penalized for test inaccuracies. I'm OK with the opt-outs. Based on my background I feel they are receiving excellent medical advice interpreting available diagnostic assays.

What portends for the future? From my perspective I’m willing to show up for the game. I feel I am at no greater risk than I am during shopping. But as a major entertainer the NFL will ponder how ‘infectious’ the virus really is in close quarters (remember we have to shelter at home) to which demographic (sorry fat old white dudes) and whether H2O2entrance mist and masks will suffice to permit fan participation in time for playoffs and owners to recoup some money. I assume they will get a crack team of epidemiologist as good as their medical staff to figure it out.

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