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Buff Hub: Rival Upset? Bills vs Jets Week 1 preview

Steve Vega and Ian break down if the Bills will dominate or if the Jets will pull an upset victory in Week 1.

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In this episode, host Steve Vega features Ian from Jets Central (YouTube channel). They preview Week one’s match-up with the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets and how although the Jets are in turmoil, they could still have a chance at an upset. Ian revealed his disdain for Adam Gase, and what Bills fans should look for with the Jets offense matching up against the Bills highly-ranked defense. Steve and Ian take turns on how Josh Allen and Sam Darnold can overcome the media criticism in Week 1’s matchup and beyond. Players and names that were mentioned were also mentioned are: Le’Veon Bell, Jon Feliciano, Brian Winters, Denzel Mims, Isaiah Hodgins, and Stefon Diggs. Finally, be sure to listen to the entire episode to hear what score predictions were made at the end.

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