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Bad weather could impact Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins game today

Thunderstorms are likely this afternoon.

Normally we don’t do meteorology reports at Buffalo Rumblings but today’s weather at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, could impact the Buffalo Bills’ game against the Miami Dolphins.

All Sunday morning, there’s a low chance of rain but high humidity and high temperatures. That’s nothing new in Miami, as the Weather Channel says the air will feel like 102 degrees Fahrenheit at kickoff.

Around 3, the chance for thunderstorms begins escalating and by 4 the chance tops 50%. That could jeopardize the finish of the game, as the likelihood of thunderstorms only increased after that. Hopefully the front won’t speed up to arrive sooner and will move in after the game.

The NFL has broad powers in the event of severe weather. They could theoretically move up the start time because of the clear timeline, though that seems unlikely at this point. The NFL Commissioner can terminate a game that hasn’t been completed if the outcome is not in doubt, so the longer the game goes on, the more likely that scenario could come into play. If the game is not decided, the two teams must complete the game at a later date. Both the Bills and Dolphins have a bye week on November 22nd, which would make the most logical sense. They play each other in the season finale, too, but the league wouldn’t want to wait that long to conclude the match.