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Buffalo Bills Hot Take Tuesday: Dawson Knox needs to become a bigger factor in offense

Following a great game, we address a position clearly on the minds of many Bills Mafia.

Do you know what today is? That’s right, it’s Hot Takes Tuesday! Every Tuesday during the 2020 NFL Football season, I’m going to give you, Buffalo Bills fans, the opportunity and forum to express and respond to the hottest Bills takes. After the 31-28 shootout Sunday between the Bills and the Miami Dolphins, it left this week’s hot takers wanting more from a certain position.

Without further ado, let’s get started on Week 2 takes, shall we?

Hot Take number 1

Geoff G. (via email) says, “How long until the lack of an impact-making tight end and particularly as it relates to a ‘safety blanket’ for a young quarterback is addressed? It seems like this has gotten a free pass for three years now.”

Okay, let’s see, according to the Buffalo Bills’ transaction wire, in which I summarized below, the Bills have had 20 tight ends come through its doors over the past three years under the general manager Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott regime.

The list is highlighted by 2019 third- and seventh-round picks Dawson Knox and Tommy Sweeney. 2019 free-agent signings of Tyler Kroft and Lee Smith, and hold overs from the Doug Whaley regime, Charles Clay and Logan Thomas. Of course, there was that one weird experiment with former second-round pick offensive tackle Jake Fisher, who made a position change to tight end in order to prolong his career.

This offseason, the Bills brought former Pro Bowl free-agent tight end Greg Olsen in for a visit, but he ultimately signed with the Seattle Seahawks instead.

Brandon Beane has done a great job thus far filling out the roster over the past three years, but has he done enough at the tight end position? Is he getting a pass as Geoff suggested?

Hot Take number 2

Joe A. (via email) sticking with the tight end theme, says “Dawson Knox will use his size to dominate in Week 3 against the Los Angeles Rams.”

Well Joe, the timing for you couldn’t be any worse. According to reports by several Bills beat writers, and as it was reported here on Buffalo Rumblings, Knox suffered a concussion this past Sunday during the Dolphins game. It’s highly likely that he will not suit up against the Rams. Nonetheless, let’s assume he does.

In the Rams’ first game of the season against the Dallas Cowboys; Cowboys tight ends combined for two catches for 23 yards against the Rams’ defense. In Week 2 against the Philadelphia Eagles; Eagles tight ends fared better, combining for nine catches and 72 yards.

Knox showed some flashes of dominance in his rookie season, with contested catches and violent runs, specifically the play in Week 3 last year against the Cincinnati Bengals. But last season he battled drops and inconsistency. This season, the young tight end is off to a rocky start, as he fumbled the ball after a huge catch and run during the Dolphins game this past Sunday.

Knox has all the measurables to be dominant on Sundays. If he’s able to play this week, do you agree with Joe A. that he’d dominate against a Rams team that gave up nine catches for 72 yards against the Eagles this past weekend?

Alright Bills fans, this concludes Week 2 “Hot Take Tuesday.” I want to give a huge thank you to Geoff G. and Joe A. for sending in their takes.

If you want your hot take heard and posted here, email me at or direct message me on Twitter @doctork44.