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Opinion: Buffalo Bills had such a special win last weekend

It was really great.

The win by the Buffalo Bills on Saturday was such a special win, it’s worth it to take a moment and look back. Not because it was their first playoff win in 25 years, but HOW they were able to overcome and win.

Start with the phantom down-by-contact call. The Bills had a game-clinching turnover ripped away and still found a way to get their energy back up to stop the Colts from scoring. Remember in the game against the Los Angeles Rams, where Buffalo scored after a questionable officiating decision gave them life? The Colts weren’t able to do that.

Then look at the time of possession and the number of possessions. Buffalo had the ball four times in the second half, scoring on three of them. They held the ball for less than 26 minutes total. It wasn’t multiple chances that won the game, it was cashing in on the opportunities. The Bills had lost their last 11 games as a team when they held the ball for less than 26 minutes, but not Saturday.

Then there’s this: The Colts are the first team in playoff history to lose after gaining 450+ total yards and committing zero turnovers. Teams were previously 11-0 hitting those benchmarks, according to Elias Sports. Indianapolis had more yards in that game than they had gained in any game ALL SEASON, and couldn’t put away Buffalo.

Of course it all comes back to quarterback Josh Allen, who became the first QB to throw for 300+ yards, run for 50+ yards, and complete at least 70 percent of his passes in a playoff game. EVER. He set the Bills’ team record for completion percentage in a playoff game all while throwing for 9.25 yards per attempt. No dinking and dunking for Allen on his way to a 74 percent completion percentage, topping Jim Kelly. Kelly’s team won 51-3 in that game and he only attempted 23 passes compared to Allen’s 35.

The Colts played their best game of the season, threw everything they had at Buffalo, and the Bills were still able to overcome. Special.