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Josh Allen set Buffalo Bills’ team record against Indianapolis Colts

Buffalo Bills great Jim Kelly said recently that he thinks Josh Allen is going to break all of his records. Another one fell Saturday when Allen had a completion percentage of 74.3 percent in the game against the Indianapolis Colts. Kelly’s team record was previously 73.91 percent. (Note: Frank Reich was 1-for-1 in Super Bowl XXVI but we’re not counting that.)

Against the Los Angeles Raiders in 1991, Kelly threw 17-of-23 for 300 yards and two touchdowns with a pick as part of a 51-3 rout in the AFC Championship Game. That’s a staggering 13.04 yards per attempt, a number still unrivaled in Bills history. The game was 41-3 at halftime and Kelly didn’t need to pile it on, though.

Against Indianapolis this past weekend, Allen was 26-of-35 for 324 yards and two touchdowns with no turnovers, an average of 9.26 yards per attempt. (That’s still pretty darn good in the YPA department.) Allen added 54 yards on the ground and a TD. His passer rating of 121.6 is third-highest in a Bills’ playoff game. (Kelly did it in consecutive games in 1991.)

Other notable playoff performances from Bills QBs in completion percentage were Jim Kelly in 1994 against the Raiders again (72.97 percent) and Miami Dolphins in 1993 (70.83 percent). Frank Reich barely missed the 70 percent threshold in 1993 against the Pittsburgh Steelers (69.57 percent). No other Bills QB has ever cracked 60 percent. In total, Kelly did that in nine playoff games, Reich did it twice (the Greatest Comeback the previous week was the other game), and now Allen once.

Allen came in at 52.17 percent a year ago against the Houston Texans.