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Buffalo Bills fan confidence unfazed by close Wild Card win

Bills fans still confident.

Fans of the Buffalo Bills are glad the team beat the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday and don’t care that it was a close game, at least according to our SB Nation Reacts Fan Confidence Ratings. Bills fans were once again at 100 percent in their confidence level. That marks five straight weeks of 100 percent confidence.

Fans of the Baltimore Ravens, this week’s opponent, are also at 100 percent for the third time in four weeks. They’re joined by New Orleans Saints fans at 100 percent.

Only teams that played last week were surveyed in the polling, but fans of the Chicago Bears fell from 28 percent to 14 percent while the Pittsburgh Steelers fell from 76 percent to 14 percent to bring up the rear in the confidence metric.

The Indianapolis Colts fans were buoyed by their team’s performance in the loss to the Bills, moving up from 92 percent to 96 percent confident in their team.

The Bills and Ravens are at 100 percent while the Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns sit at 96 percent to fill out the remainder of the AFC contenders.