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Tre’Davious White’s sprint sprung Taron Johnson’s touchdown

This is why Tre got the big bucks.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

This is why Tre’Davious White signed a massive contract extension. This is why he wore the valued number 18 as a team leader at LSU. This is why he was head coach Sean McDermott’s first draft pick.

On Saturday night against the Baltimore Ravens, Taron Johnson picked off Lamar Jackson inside Buffalo’s end zone. Johnson took two steps out of the end zone and Tre White took off.

“I’m thankful for that,” said Johnson after the game. “I saw Lamar coming and I slowed down a little bit to let Tre get ahead of me, just to help me out.”

When Johnson caught the ball, White was three yards deep in the end zone. When he saw Johnson coming out of the end zone he started trotting, and when Johnson got out of the wash around the five-yard line, he turned on the jets. It wasn’t until 70 yards later, around the Ravens’ 30, that White finally engaged Jackson, who had been trying to get ahead of the pair of Buffalo Bills running down the field.

“After I caught it I thought for a second maybe I should kneel it but I saw the open grass over there and at that point I’m just like ‘okay there is one person I gotta beat and that’s number 8 on the other side.’ Just having Tre over there running with me helped out a lot. He got in his way and let me run it all the way in.”

When QB Josh Allen was asked about the play after the game, his first thought was about how Johnson was going to get tackled at the five and leave a long field for the offense to work with. Then he brought up Tre.

“I’ll tell you what; Tre White, to go up and get a block on Lamar to spring him free... It’s unbelievable,” said Allen.

It should be noted safety Micah Hyde sprinted the length of the field, too. He started behind Johnson and White, so he ended up about ten yards back and out of the initial camera shot, but the dude was there, too, along with defensive tackle Justin Zimmer.