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Bills vs Ravens: Share your Taron Johnson celebration-related injuries

How crazy did you get?

The Buffalo Bills hosted the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. The Bills jumped to a massive three-point lead in the first half before the Ravens battled back to tie going into the break.

A touchdown to start the third quarter provided a small amount of breathing room but hardly enough to make Bills fans comfortable. The Ravens responded with a drive over eight minutes long, to the Buffalo nine-yard line.

Lamar Jackson dropped back, released the ball, and...

The unBillievable happened. Taron Johnson stepped in front, picked off the ball and tied the NFL record with a 101-yard pick-six. Jackson chose the worst time to throw his first red zone interception, and the result was agonizing for the Ravens.

Many fans ran with Taron Johnson. Personally I ran upstairs to tell my youngest the good news. The dogs went crazy. Luckily I avoided a case of stair-toe. Not every fan was so fortunate.

How did you react to this historical moment? Did you come out unscathed? Or did you take a trip to the medical tent? Let us know in the comments!