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Buffalo Bills fans the only 100 percent confident fan base in SB Nation Reacts polling this week

Buffalo Bills fans are 100 percent confident in the direction of the franchise. That’s the way the question is worded (not “are you confident the Bills will win this week?”), so it’s not surprising Bills fans are enjoying the present and the outlook of the near future beyond the 2020 season. They are the only team in this week’s SB Nation Reacts polling that is 100 percent confident.

Bills fans have been 100 percent confident for six straight weeks, as the team has put together an impressive winning streak. They were also 100 percent confident for three weeks early in the 2020 season before the team’s first loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Fans of this week’s opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs are only at 97 percent. They hit 100 percent in Week 2, but haven’t reached that apex again, topping out at 99 percent after clinching the one seed in the AFC in Week 16.

Despite the loss last weekend, Cleveland Browns fans were actually second in the voting this week, coming in at 98 percent confident about the future of the franchise. Their first playoff appearance in almost two decades, winning their Wild Card game, and taking the Chiefs to the limit last weekend no doubt helped.

A high confidence rating doesn’t necessarily translate week to week. The New Orleans Saints loss dropped their fan base from 100 percent confident to 40 percent confident with the pending retirement of perennial Pro Bowler Drew Brees. Baltimore Ravens fans fell from 100 percent to 71 percent following their loss to the Bills.

Nationally, SB Nation Reacts voters picked the Bills and Green Bay Packers to advance to the Super Bowl, even though more of the national voters picked the Chiefs to win the whole thing.