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2021 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills’ draft picks, post-playoffs

The draft order for the team is settled, for now

We’re approximately three months away from the 2021 NFL Draft following the Buffalo Bills’ exit from the postseason. It was a season of mostly highs, with the team cementing itself as one of the powerhouses in the AFC. With playoffs over for Buffalo courtesy of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Bills’ 2021 draft picks have begun to come into focus.

Following the Stefon Diggs trade last spring, Buffalo remains in possession of seven total selections in the 2021 draft, and we now know the specific selections in each round, with one possible exception.

The Carolina Panthers reportedly traded a conditional seventh-round pick, what turned out to be the 200th selection, to the Bills in compensation for Marshall Newhouse back in September 2018. However, it is unknown what the conditions of that trade were. Given that Newhouse only lasted a single season with the Panthers, it’s fair to speculate whether those particular conditions were met.

With that necessary caveat, below is the complete list of 2021 draft picks as they currently stand:

2021 Buffalo Bills Draft Picks

Round Pick # Notes
Round Pick # Notes
1 30 Bills original selection
2 61 Bills original selection
3 94 Bills original selection
5 145 Acquired from Raiders for Zay Jones
5 158 Bills original selection
6 189 Bills original selection
7* 200 Acquired from Panthers for Marshall Newhouse