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One Stat Recap: Buffalo Bills rack up the points on the lifeless Miami Dolphins

The Bills beat the Dolphins like it was Miami’s first year in the league

Jack Kemp Scrambles In The Pocket Photo by John Pineda/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills capped off their best regular season in decades with an absolute drubbing of their division rival, and playoff hopeful, Miami Dolphins. The only thing that got beat worse than the Dolphins on Sunday was the Bills’ record books.

You can check out the Bills’ PR team’s twitter feed for a full review of all the records the Bills tied or broke on Sunday, but there’s one record in particular that stood out to me. On Sunday, the Bills scored 56 points against the Dolphins. When combined with the 31 points the Bills scored on the ‘Phins in September we get a grand total of 87 points scored on the Dolphins this season. This tied the Bills’ franchise record for most points scored on any team, in a single season. The Bills also put up 87 points on the Dolphins in 1966—their inaugural season.

Just as a reminder, the Dolphins were playing for a playoff spot yesterday. They finished the season 10-6. They also finished ranked fifth in points allowed per game. This wasn’t a team that was playing their first season ever. This was a legitimate ten-win football team with playoff aspirations—and the Bills put 87 points on them like it was nothing.