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Buffalo Bills snap count notes vs. Miami Dolphins

Another wild week

With snap counts it’s easy to just plunk down some numbers as a curiosity. Long time readers know I try to dissect the numbers a bit for you in an effort to provide some scheme and game-planning insight. The last couple weeks have been challenging as the Buffalo Bills blew the doors off their opponents and pulled starters. Even then there was a little info to be gleaned.

This week against the Miami Dolphins, the Bills rested some starters. They let others play. They pulled some after blowing the doors off another opponent. They let others stay in. About the only thing I can say with confidence is that the Bills were aware of personal/team records and allowed some of their guys to shoot for them before being rested. Notes will be limited this week due to the chaos.

Offense (64 snaps)

The 100 percent club had three of its normal members. Ike Boettger, Mitch Morse, and Darryl Williams all made it. And healthy to boot (phew). Now for a few bullets...

  • Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs recorded incredibly low snap counts but played enough time to secure their names in the Bills’ record books. Allen continued to make a case for MVP and Diggs continued his case for offensive player of the year.
  • Matt Barkley was in to manage the game after it started to get out of hand. Then he and Antonio Williams, and Gabriel Davis continued to pile on points.
  • Shoutout to Isaiah McKenzie for a hell of a day.
  • Nate Becker ladies and gentlemen. Nate. Becker.

Defense (83 snaps)

Did you have Dane Jackson on your bingo card to lead the team in defensive snaps?

  • 24 players suited up for defense, with nearly everyone (sorry Tyrel Dodson) seeing what I’d consider “significant” time on the field.
  • I was diplomatic in my opponent preview saying that the Bills’ knowledge of having 60 minutes against Tua Tagovailoa should be considered an advantage. It was, as players like Mike Love, Tyler Matakevitch, and Andre Smith saw a lot of field time and still harassed the Dolphins. Nothing against our depth players, but your B squad should never be favored against a team’s starters when their playoff dreams are on the line.
  • Shoutout to Dean Marlowe for a hell of a day.
  • Did you notice the snap counts were out of whack? The Dolphins won the time of possession by over five minutes, which is pretty huge. And lost by 30...

Special teams (36 snaps)

The extra time on defense for Tyler Matakevitch didn’t stop him from being the lead again at 75 percent. He was joined by Jaquan Johnson and Dean Marlowe who ALSO saw a lot of time on defense. Tyler Bass hit 47 percent as well, which is notable. Kickers don’t have a ton of time unless you’re scoring, which gives them a double dip (XP and KO). He’s had a lot more field time this season than we’re used to seeing from a kicker.