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Buffalo Bills activate Tyler Kroft from COVID-19 reserve

An unlucky false positive for Kroft.

Buffalo Bills tight end Tyler Kroft has been activated from the COVID-19 reserve list, two days after the Bills first moved him there because of a positive test. The quick turnaround for Kroft suggests a false positive, and Kroft’s wife, Lexi, said as much on Twitter on Sunday. As she put it, Kroft turned in five negative tests after his initial positive test, which is why the Bills cleared him to return to the roster so quickly.

This had to be a frustrating situation for Kroft and everyone in his corner. On the one hand, a positive test the day before a Bills game is the most vulnerable time for the team and the player, and the team was probably in the right to assume the worst and isolate Kroft just in case. On the other hand, the negative tests could’ve cleared Kroft in time to play the game, at least by the standard we saw other NFL teams using throughout the season.

The situation looks worse, too, because Kroft is a backup hoping to make a case to play in the playoffs, as well as a pending free agent auditioning for a future contract. This game could’ve been a major opportunity. Practice squad tight end Nate Becker ended up playing 47 percent of snaps in the blowout win instead of Kroft.

At any rate, we’re thankful that Kroft did not ultimately have the coronavirus, and that he’ll be available to play in the playoffs if they call his number. Running back T.J. Yeldon remains on the COVID-19 reserve with his illness.