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Buffalo Bills fans extremely confident heading into Wild Card weekend

It’s been a while since they were concerned.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

After averaging 47.3 points over the last three games, fans of the Buffalo Bills are incredibly confident heading into Saturday’s Wild Card contest against the Indianapolis Colts. For the fourth straight week, 100 percent of Bills fans say they are confident in the direction of the team.

While several other teams currently sit at 100 percent, Buffalo’s is the longest streak among all the NFL fan sites in SB Nation Reacts voting. Fans of the Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, and Tennessee Titans join the Bills at 100 percent. On the bottom of the league are the Philadelphia Eagles at 11 percent. They’re the only team below 20 percent.

In the AFC East, the Miami Dolphins fell back to 89 percent after their beatdown by the Bills in Week 17 after climbing to 95 percent previously. Fans of the New York Jets jumped to 70 percent on news that head coach Adam Gase had been fired and New England Patriots fans bring up the rear in the division at 62 percent.

This week’s opponent, the Indianapolis Colts, rose to 92 percent after being at 76 percent heading into the final week of the season. Buffalo’s win over the Dolphins allowed Indy to make the playoffs, certainly helping fans feel better.