Negativity Can Wait Until Monday ... Enjoy The Weekend

I can understand those of you who find fault with the Bills' win over the Colts. It wasn't perfect, or dominating, like it has been in recent weeks. This a public forum, so if you feel the need to let loose on what you felt went wrong, go for it.

Not me. My Bills just won an NFL Playoff game (not an easy thing to do). My weekend is already great.

For example, I just finished watching an underdog team have its starting quarterback sent to the hospital, forcing its backup -- he with a surgically repaired thumb -- to come on and win an NFL Playoff game (not an easy thing to do). Now I plan to sit back again and hope Chase Young gets familiar and physical with Tom Brady. And on Sunday I plan to watch all three games with a smile on my face knowing my Bills are resting, recuperating, and waiting for the brackets to take shape (c'mon Steelers).

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