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Bills vs Chiefs delayed with lightning in the area

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

No truth to reports that the Bills are catching lightning in a bottle. The Buffalo Bills’ game against the Kansas City Chiefs has been delayed by weather. There is lightning in the area, but it’s mother nature and not Josh Allen and Buffalo’s offense. We knew this was a possibility, so hopefully the team has a plan in place.

The delay began at roughly 10 PM, but lightning struck again repeatedly. Then the league announced they would restart at 11:15 PM Eastern. It was a 90-minute delay when all was said and done.

Fans were cleared to the concourses and off the field, but many left the stadium in anticipation of a very late night. As the Bills and Chiefs take the field, the parking lot is emptying.

Teams were held in the locker room along with game officials. According to NBC, the Bills were saying that the locker room was hot so several players were going into the hall to get some air. The visiting locker room was a bit small and cramped. There was some complaining about the ratio of peanut butter to jelly.

The Bills are set to get the ball back after the delay to start the second half. That’s a blessing for the Bills, too. It’s not like they are in the middle of a drive or even the middle of the quarter.

Also, this clip from this week is pretty awesome in retrospect