NFL Musings and Observations (The American Dream)

When you lay it out on the line you can only hope that you come out ahead. The Bills gave everything they could and laid it out on the line. It was just a fun game to watch but they fully understand that going against Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid play calling they would need a full 60 minutes of play. But this is the first time in a long time I have to believe that a honest discussion can be that the Bills are the best team in the league. I mean that with a sense that their isn't a "but" on the end of it. There isn't the Bills are the best team in the league "but" it is just the Bills are the best team in the league, period. The Bills were the Master of Disaster last night.

Random Bills Thoughts:

1.) Groot proves that Draft process is odd: Remember the whole draft process and Groot was being just knocked around and some in the "Draft Process" were just beating him down because he didn't have a great 3 cone drill and didn't look as polish as other? Yea, Pepperidge farm remembers. All he has done when coming into the league as a raw prospect is look the part, be great at setting the edge, 3 sacks and an interception. Its almost like the draft is a crap shoot.

2.) Huge props for Dawson Knox. I'll admit that I was worried about Dawson Knox but all he has done this year is emerge as a potential top 5 TE and I think without argument from anyone a top 10 TE in the league. I'm shocked! His route running is crisp, his hands are better, his chemistry with JA17 is top notch. It is just amazing to see from a guy whose fans were actively thinking about Zach Ertz being traded for, props to Beane for staying the course. From now on anytime I talk about Dawson Knox I will post a clip from the movie Hot Rod.

3.) Can we discuss the difference between needing the run and being dependent on the run. The Titans are dependent on the run and I believe without Derrick Henry they're going to be in a world of hurt. The Bills need the run but they're not dependent upon the run. Bills have figured out how to keep the running game viable and a threat which forces defenses to treat the running game as a threat as it appeared last year they had the running game as an after thought. The running game for the Bills is about balance and yesterday against the Chiefs it was all about balance.

4.) Tremaine Edmunds is officially the target for Bills fans and I still don't understand all the hate. There was a line from Chris Collinsworth where he said the Chiefs didn't try going into the middle of the field. Hmmmmm....where does Edmunds end up in his zone? Oh yea... the MIDDLE of the FIELD! I'm not even claiming that Edmunds is a top 5 MLB but to say he is as bad as some fans have made a habit of it just makes my chuckle. The Bills are fortunate to have him as a MLB.

5.) Week One is always a crap shoot! Why? Because it is almost a preseason game as teams are not playing the starters that much anymore but here we are and the Bills are playing at a high level after dropping the first game to the Steelers. But what can I say about the Bills right now as compared to the first game? They are no longer being as cute as they were trying to be in the first game. The Bills at one point ran a QB sweep bash play and got a first down. The Bills almost throw out the tape against the Steelers and went back to what they know works. That is self scouting that is needed in life.

Random NFL Thoughts

1.) I'm just curious when did the Chiefs end up being in the same category of the 1990s Dallas Cowboys, the 1980s 49ers or the 1970s Steelers? They're a great team but it seems like some want to put them into the conversation of one of the elite in the NFL history. Simply put, look how the Super Bowls have gone? Beaten by the Bucs and beat the 49ers after losing in the game. Here's the thing about the Chiefs I want to point out, having a great couple of years does not warrant to be put into dynasty talk.

2.) Life comes at you fast JuJu Smith Schuster. He is out with a dislocated shoulder and will need surgery. However... he might not be able to play football but I'm sure he will manage to DANCE!

3.) Officiating has sucked this past Sunday. The problem with the refs is that they want perfection....perfection doesn't exist except for my wife. On the off chance she reads this I want to throw that in there...#winning! But here is my solution to the penalty issue. Is it a really moment? If you don't call the penalty will you be saying really? This is both an officiating issue but I believe it is an NFL issue trying to make the rules confusing. This is just me but I believe it has to be all about the simplicity of the game.

4.) Baker Mayfield has not received his big money contract yet and I have to ask, will Baker receive the huge money contract from the Browns. Here is how I am going to look and I'm going to compare the AFC QBs to Baker and see which QB I would take over Baker in a game I call To Bake or not to Bake? (I'll be honest I meant like, bake cookies but yea, I came up with the game and I can see how it is a pot reference...I'm making cookies in my head)

AFC North: I would take Baker of Big Ben only. After that I would take Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson over Baker. I think Burrow is bigger and more athletic and Lamar is just freaking awesome. Baker 1/Field 3

AFC South: I would take Trevor Lawrence over Baker but then I would take Baker over the rest of the QBs. I think Baker is kind of equal to Ryan Tannenhill s I'll take the younger guy. Tyrod is a back up and I have no idea what is happening with Watson. Baker 4/Field 4

AFC West: This is when it gets hard because I would obviously take Mahomes and Herbert over Baker and obviously Baker over Teddy Bridgewater/Drew Lock. I would take Baker over Carr just because of age but it's kind of a push with those two. Baker 6/Field 6.

AFC East: Lets do the easiest one, Josh Allen obviously. I would take Baker over the rest of the field in the AFC East. Tua I have no liked, Mac Jones is just Tua but in New England and Zach Wilson.... please survive NY. Baker 9/Field 7.

So can we say that Baker is above average but when you break down the level of competition of QBs in the AFC. I would Bake 9 times and not Bake 7 times. So should the Brown pay Baker knowing this? Yes and no. If they decide to give top flight money to Baker... that will be an issue. But if Baker wants to take a reasonable contract to where he ranks I'm all for the Browns resigning. But how much is Baker Bake? How much will he eat?

5.) I was wrong about Dak Prescott. I can admit when I'm wrong and Dak has looked fantastic. Do I believe he is in the elite QB class? No, but he is right outside the elite club. I define elite as top 10% and with 32 teams and rouding down means that only 3 QBs can be within the elite crowd. The Cowboys also have the easiest path to the playoffs because the NFC East suck. Its fun when the Cowboys are good because everyone has a passion thought about the Cowboys.

6.) Back to School is a fantastic movie with Rodney Dangerfield and there is a scene of a professor who just seems to of lost touch with reality. That is Pete Carroll as he struggles to evolve in terms of football schemes. Two first round picks for a safety, even is Jamal Adams is great. The offensive line has been a mess and now Russell Wilson is out for weeks with a finger injury. Its time, its time to move on from Pete Carroll because without Wilson that franchise would of been sunk years ago.

7.) Sam Darnold remembered all that fine Adam Gase coaching. Here's the thing...Carolina has NO LOYALTY to Darnold so every single interception he makes is being judged. If he wants to be that QB he has got to play better. And it wasn't like he got kicked in by one of the perceived great teams in the league. The Eagles just beat them.

8.) The Jets and Giants just suck! How can two teams from the same city suck as much as this? Well I believe they lack a philosophy in regards to the Jets and in terms of the Giants its because their philosophy is from 2007. Either way, the ONLY NY Team is looking Good!

Have a great week!

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