How to score like ultimate frisbee in the NFL

I'm expecting 140 points per game from here on out.

1) Nice linear recap that encapsulates the emotional flow of the game.

2) As I predicted previously, the playbook opened up and Allen was able to run more options for decisive effect. We are counting screens, tosses, and options as run plays for the 50/50 balance. I would like to see Allen:

a) make a conscious decision about the floatiness of certain throws including a crossing route in which he misses the receiver and a couple of screen plays. An arced throw does not have to be floating if it can slice downward like an ultimate hammer, figure it out.

b) direct receivers in the route breakdown phase, as I am predicting that Allen's time to throw will increase as the season goes on, and the 53 yard heave to Knox will go from once per game to routine, multiple times per drive. We need to develop a concise notation for Allen, who has another perspective of the field, to communicate to receivers to fill weak squares in the defense

c) continue stepping forward and engaging the lower back to add zip to longer balls

d) make a quick fake even when running

e) I like how he's looking and throwing deep at certain moments when previously he would have checked down automatically

f) in general, give the higher IQ players in-play options based on at least 2 if this then this and if then then that conditionals, for example:

Allen: if no one is open, then run

Milano: if there's a gap, then blitz

Beasley: if there's a weak square, then break from your route and just fill it

This would require other members of the team to be aware that a player is operating based on a conditional in a play and to subsequently adjust themselves as well.

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