Just for fun, Bills as superheroes

I have seen enough posts that refer to our Bills players as a superhero. Rousseau is Groot, Knox is Juggernaut (Juggerknox), and I've seen some refer to JA17 as Winter Soldier because of his bionic arm. Who else would you have as a superhero on this Bills team? Here are some that I thought of:

Edwards - Shazam. If you don't know, Shazam is a 10 year old who transforms into a full-grown superhero. Edwards came into the NFL as one of the youngest players in history. I also just like the word Shazam!

Moss - Beast. I know "Beast Mode" already exists, but with the way Moss runs, I just think Beast fits.

Poyer - Hawkeye. Simple, dude is a ball hawk.

Beasley - Thor. Simply because of his golden locks. The Atom also works because he is so small.

Brown - Hulk. Dude is massive.

Diggs - Spiderman. Sticky fingers catch everything.

What do you think, and who would you name as a superhero?

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