Predict the Score! Week 6; Bills v Titans

Hello and welcome back after an amazing weekend of football. Specifically Bills football! After 2 and 5/17ths seasons, I'm excited to announce that I finally did it! I correctly guessed the score of last week's game!! Well, I mean, I guessed 38 points for Buffalo. In fact an impressive 5 of us did. However KC only went 2 for 5 in the Red Zone, thanks in part to an amazing defensive effort and they could only muster a paltry 20 points on the scoreboard, well under my predicted guess of 29. Here's hoping didn't get either the winning score or the losing score correct, but came the closest to the actual score with an impressive guess of 35-17, narrowly edging out several other good guesses. So here's hoping that this hopeful cynic gets both scores right this week! Congrats Here's hoping -- enjoy seeing your name tagged on the Wall!

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Week 6, Bills v Titans: On the road again, Buffalo is looking to walk away with their 2nd win in 3 straight seasons in the Music City against a good, but underwhelming 3-2 Titans team. Buffalo is favored by 5.5 points on what is shaping up to be a rowdy Monday night. The Over/Under is 54 points. Can Buffalo avenge a 42-16 drubbing they were dealt by the Titans last year, or will they be singing the blues in the back alley behind the Grand Ole Opry?

Bills 52, Titans 6: The Bills lost twice to the KC Chiefs last year. Both losses stung deeply. But I think the loss against the Titans also left them with a desire to exact revenge. The Bills were better than Tennessee last year, but sloppy mistakes, a crazy schedule thanks to the NFL bending over backwards for TN who were in clear violation of the COVID protocols, and the embarrassment of having an instant viral sensation of Josh Norman being sent flying from Derek Henry's stiffarm (I know the play didn't matter and blah,blah,blah) left a lasting negative impression with the Bills. This Buffalo team doesn't fall for trap games; they know what the stakes are and will take care of business Monday Night. For one night, Moss is the best running back on the field, racking over 120 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns. Josh Allen throws 4 TDs to 4 different receivers and the Bills get another defensive TD, as White gets the Pick-6. In Spooky Season, the Bills exorcising another demon is absolutely terrifying... to our opponents. Get your popcorn.

The 2¢ Report

  • The adage "TE's typically blossom in their third year" has never been more true than with Dawson Knox and I for one am loving it. (thankfully all previous comments of me calling for adding Ertz this off-season have been erased by the Coral Langoliers).
  • I hope the Bills never have to play a game while Collinsworth is on the mic again.
  • I told someone recently that Vernon Butler sucks and should've been released before the season. They told me that he's just this year's Trent Murphy. That didn't really make me feel better.
  • OK, I think we all paid too much attention to the Power Rankings this week. Ultimately, who cares where we're ranked? Almost all media heads that know anything about football are singing our praises and we have the best odds to have the regular season MVP and win the Superbowl at this time. If someone wants to rank us #33 in their Power Rankings sheet, I'll roll my eyes, chuckle and move on.
  • I was high on the potential for Matt Breida on the Bills when he was acquired this off-season. So far, that is shaping up to be an ill-fated prognosis.
  • Like many of you, I stayed awake throughout the entire halftime/delay, I'm still not fully recovered--it's barely 8:30 and my eyelids are very heavy.
  • Waiting for the Bills on Monday night will be the hardest part. But hey, maybe I'll get my yard work done.

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Great guesses and in-game predictions all around last week. As with the Bills, this weekly contest will take a bye during week 7. You can always come back to this post to take a victory lap, talk trash or see who won the week. Keep on truckin', and happy prognosticating!

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