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AFC East Roundup: Ranking the offenses

We’re flipping sides of the football this week.

Last week for the AFC East Roundup, we discussed the defensive rankings for each of the teams in the division, noting that all of the coaches in the division have a defensive background. This week we switch sides of the ball to look at the offensive rankings of each squad. After all, you can only win a football game in the NFL if you’re able to put points up on the board.

As was the case when ranking the division’s defenses, leading the way on offense are the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo is averaging 34.4 points per game, which puts them number-one in the league. It’s not just in one aspect either. The team is averaging 270 passing yards per game, but is also averaging 140 yards on the ground. Quarterback Josh Allen is once again showing full control of the offense and the addition of Emmanuel Sanders has the potential to put them over the top. Dawson Knox has also emerged as a legit threat on the field with five touchdowns already on the season.

The New England Patriots are next in our discussion, and averaging just over three hundred yards of offense. Mac Jones has begun to find his stride but the team is still only managing 230 yards a game through the air. What the Patriots would like to clear up is the running game. Bill Belichick’s teams are usually great at pounding it in the trenches but so far this season they’re only averaging 80 yards per game on the ground. With all of the free-agent signings made on the offensive side, the unit is certainly performing below the expectations coming into the season.

Lastly, we’ll group the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins together at the bottom of the division because it hasn’t been pretty for either team. Both units are averaging just over 260 yards per game, which ranks in the bottom of the league. Only the Chicago Bears have a worse mark at 240. The Jets are dead last with 13.4 points per game, while Miami is last with 70 rushing yards per game. The Jets’ offense is still trying to find its stride with rookie quarterback Zach Wilson while the Dolphins are trying to overcome an early injury to Tua Tagovailoa. One thing is certain though: If both of these offenses don’t start putting points on the board then the season will end up a painful one.