How do you not activate 2 of your best DL? 2 QB Hits ZERO SACKS

Sometimes I think the Bills over think things. They get into we need long guys to block the passing lanes and set the edge.. This is true . But what you need are guys who can get to the back field . Also sometimes DE's need to get into a grove to know what works against the OT there playing . I'm all for bringing in fresh guys. But just like on the OL. You want the best guys out there. There is no reason outside of injuries for Epenesa or Basham not not be in the line up. I get it that they were going to run the ball. But not having these guys can only hurt not help. I mean after trying to bring down Henry all night. You don't think they could have used EP or Boogie late in the game when we needed to get to the QB. IYou also needed these guys in the run game to make negative plays and getting the rb before he gets going. As you see above. 2 qb hits and zero sacks . We where able to get 3 tackles for loss. 1 was on the very first play of the game.

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