Stat of the Day:

How unlikely was yesterday's loss, considering that Josh played well? Extremely unlikely.


Yesterday was the first time in Josh Allen's career that he had a quarterback rating of 104 or better and lost. Prior today, Allen was 17-0 when that happened.

It was his second loss when his quarterback rating is 85 or better. He was 25-1 before yesterday.

It's the first time Josh Allen lost when he had 3 or more passing TDs. He is now 11-1

It's the first time Josh Allen lost when passing for more than 300 yards. He is now 11-1

It's his second loss when he only has one INT. He's now 12-2 (his other loss was in the Chiefs game last year). For reference, when Josh has 2 or more INTs, he's 1-8. And, he has a better record with one INT than he does with NO INTs [18-6]*)

Finally, it's the third time Josh Allen lost when his completion percentage is better than 60%. He's now 25-3. (His other two losses were vs. Tennessee last year and the Hail Murray game.)*

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