Crisis Averted- Bills won’t face prospect of facing backup QB Deshaun Watson.

Given the fact that our aggressive and swarming defensive line has already knocked one starting QB out of a game, it makes sense to check before a game who the backup QB is for the opposing team.

Bills Fans will be relieved to know that on Sunday there is no prospect of facing backup QB Deshaun Watson.

It looks like Journeyman QB Jeff Driskel is slated to back up rookie starter Davis Mills since Spotrac shows Driskel as signed to the active roster by the Texans.

Regarding that Wildcard Playoff game loss to the Texans, for those Bills fans who may have wiped their too painful memories with sorrowful imbibing, let me give you a quick recap.

Some commented at the time that Watson had a dazzling performance after a tough start. He threw a TD pass and ran for a score in regulation and then led the winning drive in overtime. Especially difficult to watch for Bills fans was the play where Watson spun out of a would-be sack to complete a pass that set up the winning field goal in Overtime.

In a fair universe, maybe the Bills should have been given the chance to chase and harass Watson for an afternoon.

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