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The Chop Up: Bills vs Texans preview

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Bills Mafia is one of the best fanbases in all of sports. This has been proven time and time again. From the fanbase donating to Andy Dalton’s charity, to recently rallying behind offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and donating to St. Jude in the memory of his grandmother. Bills Mafia is one of the most loving and charitable fanbases on the planet.

In comes someone like LeShawn Jerman, more commonly known as “Warloc” amongst the fanbase. LeShawn has donated money, tickets to games, and more in the name of love. He has given tickets away to every game so far this season, including the Bills’ only away game in Miami. One of the winners was Chop Up co-host Angelina White. We talk to LeShawn about his charitable efforts.

Also joining the show is Victoria, co-host of the Football Guys. She joins the show to tell you how to fix your fantasy football team four weeks into the season if you started off slow. She also gives her perspective on the Buffalo Bills match-up against the Houston Texans!

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