NFL Musings and Observations (No moral victories)

At a certain time in the Bills history moral victories existed. We remember those years, Gregg Williams, Mike Mularky, Dick Jauron, Chan Gailey, Doug Marrone and, Rex Ryan. We remember those wins like the one with Chan Gailey where the team beat the Bengals. It made you feel good and the team felt good. How about the feel good moral victory in Minnesota under Sean McDermott. At a time moral victories are good for a team and make them feel like they can belong. Gives hope and determination to an organization. Those days for the Bills are over as they should for a team with SuperBowl aspirations. But that doesn't mean that they can't take something from a lose. Some Bills Observations:

1.) If you can't handle me at my worse; you don't deserve me at my best. This is often seen on Facebook and I hate this belief. Why would you EVER want to hurt someone you care about? It's incredibly selfish to believe someone has to tolerate your worse to be able to have your best. Why do I say this? Because the fan base needs to believe in the Bills and some were just over the top miserable after the game. The Bills lost to a good team, it happens. Why be over the top and be miserable. The Bills are pretty damn good!

2.) Spencer Brown had a rough night and that's ok. It needs to happen because he is learning. He's a rookie and not from a big power school so growing pains will happen. I remember he whiffed on a block bad. I mean huge swing and a miss and it got Josh Allen hit. That is what happens when you start a rookie RT. Bigger, faster and incredible technique from defensive ends. He was going to have this kind of game. Doesn't mean he will be bad, but he was going to have a bad game.

3.) Emmanuel Sanders is a huge signing for the Bills. Why am I saying this now? Because with enough games nothing can be considered a fluke. Sanders who is up in age has truly embraced the idea of a professional athlete. What I love is that Sanders is so smooth in his route running. Its like watching a truly great dance as he bends in and out of his cuts. Just outstanding free agent pick up.

4.) Can we talk about the Bills going for it on 4th and inches to win the game? THAT IS THE RIGHT CALL! If you want a moral victory play for the tie. I want to win and I listed all the coaches in the first part of the FanPost and let me ask a simple question, how many of those coaches played for the tie or even worse playing not to lose. The Bills gave a huge contract to JA17,have faith in JA17, stayed with him when he was sugar high Josh, this was the only call to make. Go for it!

NFL Observations:

1.) What will define Baker Mayfield's time in Cleveland will be his injury time out. If Case Kennum wins with the Browns and they don't see a huge dip in production at the QB position the Browns will have their answer over to sign Baker to a huge deal. The Browns are very talented but Baker has been only Baker. Has he taken another step? No, Baker is Baker and if Keenum can keep the Browns around the Mayfield numbers then of course the question is how much value does Baker have? I believe that Baker is good but not a great QB. As such the contract should be good but not great but this is Cleveland. I expect them to offer a bigger than reasonable contract and that will hurt Baker because he can't carry a team.

2.) The Patriots are struggling and I have to say I'm not shocked. Even with Tom Brady the last year he was in new England you could see the lack of talent. Talent is needed because no matter how much you understand and game scheme if the talent gap is too much. I believe that the Patriots have some talent but not a ton. But which offensive players can really stretch the defense vertically and side ways. I'm just saying, the Patriots still are way to focused with the Patriots way. If they don't they will be whatever this is for awhile.

3.) There was nothing political with what Aaron Rogers said to the Bears and the Bears fans. I own you he said and some came running into this idea that it was some how offensive. It isn't, it really is a fact given that Rogers is like 22-5 against the Bears. He legit owns that franchise. It is like Tom Brady saying he owns Buffalo, he kind of does with that record.

4.) I always believe in the end teams will show you who they really are. This is much like any relationship. A person doesn't change for anyone else they only change for themselves. If they want to be with someone they will change but in the end they will always show who they are and with that said the Broncos are who we thought they were. An average team. Look at who they played....I'll give you a hint we're not talking about a power house with the opponents they beat . Not a good or bad thing but it truly is a thing that needs to be understood.

5.) Rumor has it that the Watson to Miami talk is heating up. We need to break this down for both teams to fully understand this trade and what it means in terms of why both teams are moving off of young signal callers.

Houston: This is the ultimate finish to the Bill O'Brien error and confirms that Bill O'Brien is a hack. More so, Watson is not happy and wants out and it starts with the former HC and GM but this goes farther down. Does the Texans want a man to be the face of the franchise with 22 sexual assault allegations? You deserve what you tolerate and frankly I don't know if the Texans want that to be the face of the franchise.

Miami: Tua is done in Miami and these rumors have solidified this belief. They can't came back to Tua and say that he's the guy after this odd courtship. I don't believe in Tua and last year in week 17 against the Bills he solidified that belief. What else is that Miami is saying if they trade for Watson before he is cleared from these charges means that they have no issue having Watson be the face of the franchise.

6.) Keyshawn Johnson is terrible at being an analyst. That's the whole take.

7.) Giants need to reboot....AGAIN! Dave Gettleman has way too many misses and he reminds me of that actor that you don't really know how they got famous. You know that actor, not overly talented, not overly attractive, but famous none the less. That is Dave Gettlman as a GM. Also, how was Toney not used for so long and then against Dallas comes out and plays like a boss? But the Giants looked bad against the Rams. I don't mean they lost, I mean they look light years behind. Personally I think the Giants need a whole new leadership.

This is my last FanPost for a month. I have a month long training to go to so have a good one.

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