Will the Bills be facing Deshaun Watson as the Miami face of the franchise?

So there is some NFL reporting that the Real Estate Mogul Owner in Miami is very interested in buying a distressed property. The reporting that the Texans & Dolphins could have a Deshaun Watson deal done this week is coming from Houston’s John McClain who has a very good reputation.

I get the desperation of a Miami team that probably has a failed first round pick in Tua. But I’m still shaking my head at the rationalizing that must be happening in the Miami GM’s office.

If Miami trades for Watson before his legal mess is dealt with and he makes amends, then in my opinion the Miami Dolphins deserve to experience utter and complete destruction each and every game that he plays in.

I would root for Miami to lose every game, for their offense to be held to minimal points, and to be outscored in an embarrassing fashion.

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