I Was Wrong: A Smorgasbord of Football Observations

Hey Rumblers,

While Hal takes a month-long hiatus for his training, I think we're all going to miss his musings and observations, which are the football-writing equivalent of a fine 7-course meal. Thoughtful and classy, with well-dressed waiters/waitresses tending to your every dining need. In its place, I offer up a low-end all-you-can-eat buffet, with drunks and crying kids slinging slop all over the place.

I remember when the Bills drafted Allen, and the commish announced "Josh...", I thought the next word was going to be Rosen. So happy I was wrong.

I thought with a change of scenery Darnold would realize his potential. After early season flashes, it now looks like I was wrong. It could just be that he can't hack it in the NFL. But it's too early for a final judgment.

I actually thought Kansas City was on the cusp of a long-term dynasty. Dare I say it...they stink. I was wrong.

I've never seen a team choke like Washington choked yesterday. Fumbles, needlessly going down short of the end zone, failed 4th was a choke-fest. Yeah yeah yeah, a QB sneak is a smart-odds play, but they choked that too. A QB sneak is the proctology exam of NFL offensive plays - it may do what it's supposed to do, but I don't have to like it. Washington should have won that game but for the choking. Go easy on the buffet, Washington Chokers.

I hate the Jets, but simply cannot root against Wilson. I hope he survives that dumpster fire of a franchise.

Speaking of dumpster fires, I actually like what the Detroit coach tried to do. Fakery and 4th down conversions. I actually hope that Detroit rights the ship one of these years.

Cleveland is at a crossroads. Again, I just can't root against them (except when they play the Bills, of course, or when their losing helps the Bills). Think about how bad they were for so long. I hope Mayfield and the Browns can come to an agreement.

Cincy is the real deal. Good for them! Love to see Burrow doing well.

Miami also choked. Ha ha! Vegas...I am a Derek Carr fan. Like the guy's grit.

And Chicago...that game yesterday was an affront to the eyes. I can't un-see it. It's like you're going up to the buffet and the drunk guy suddenly spews chunks all over the mashed potatoes. You can't un-see it! I hope the Bears don't ruin Fields.

San Fran...I don't know what to think.

Hope you enjoyed the smorgasbord buffet! No charge, Bills fans! GO BILLS!!!!!

Have a great week.

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