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Buffalo Bills bench Cody Ford, promote rookie Spencer Brown to starting lineup

A big opportunity for Buffalo’s biggest rookie.

Jon Feliciano’s injury isn’t the only shakeup on the Buffalo Bills offensive line this week. During pregame warmups, the Bills trotted out a lineup that featured a significant change—right guard Cody Ford was gone, replaced at his position by last week’s starting right tackle, Daryl Williams. In place of Williams at tackle was rookie third-round pick Spencer Brown.

That lineup was later confirmed when the Bills players took the field against the Houston Texans.

Although Josh Allen managed to avoid being sacked last week, it was a terrible week for Ford. He gave up numerous pressures on the interior, from start to end. It’s now his third pro season since being drafted by the Bills, but he just hasn’t played above replacement caliber in any of the positions the Bills tried him.

The Bills have been working Brown into the lineup as a sixth offensive lineman and in garbage time early in his rookie season. In his limited reps, his physical talent has been a tremendous positive, with a couple of highlight blocks already.

That being said, to be the full-time edge protector for a $200 million quarterback is a tough assignment for any rookie. Hopefully Brown acquits himself well today.