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Cole Beasley unloads on Bills fans, who he says are booing him over COVID-19 stance

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Back in July, Cole Beasley said staying off social media was one of the best things he ever did. Since then, he has routinely taken to Twitter to express his frustration with various aspects of the NFL’s COVID-19 policy and talk directly to fans. On Monday following the Buffalo Bills' 40-0 win over the Houston Texans, Beasley used the platform to unload on some specific fans he heard at the game.

“Only place I get boo’d is at our home stadium,” tweeted Beasley. “Then some of the same people want me to take pictures and sign autographs. I thought bills fans were the best in the world? Where’d they go? If the vaccine works then why do vaxxed people need to be protected from unvaxxed?”

We reached out to Bills fans who were at the game, who said there is a small minority of Bills fans who are booing Beasley either during player introductions or when he gets the ball. But, again, it’s a very small minority. It seems a little jaded to come at all Bills fans like this.

Matt Parrino of says he hears people yelling “Bease” and not “boo.” It seems hard to confuse the two vowel sounds, though.

“Some are [yelling ‘Bease’],” replied Beasley. “Then I got some right behind the bench yelling at me to get vaccinated and talking shit.”

Speaking purely for myself, I find it irritating that Beasley can share his opinion whenever he wants and expect people to listen while Bills fans who disagree with him are “talking shit” and should be shamed or punished. This opinion thing needs to be able to go both ways.

Beasley has been stringently against the vaccine, saying that he’s a young and physically fit person who won’t get very sick from the virus. Instead of vaccination, he’s going to drink water, eat healthy, and exercise. He has been fined for violating the NFL’s COVID policy in the last few months.