What nickname can we give this 2021 Bills Defense?

It’s possible that in 2021, the Bills will have a top five Defense, maybe even top three. So that got me thinking of possible nicknames for a 2021 Bills Defense.

In the past, dominant defenses in the NFL were given nicknames. Here are some of those:

Orange Crush

The Killer B’s

The Steel Curtain

The New York Sack Exchange

The Doomsday Defense

Our Defensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach Leslie Frazier was a part of the 1985 Chicago Bears who won SuperBowl XX. That Bears defense had a great nickname ‘The Monsters of the Midway’.

So for the 2021 Bills D nickname, I’ll nominate ‘Frazier’s Big Blue Wrecking Crew’ (why not use the moniker of the Belichick’s Giant’s Defense that gave the Bills fits in SuperBowl XXV?).

I’m sure that Rumblers out there have other good suggestions and I look forward to hearing them.

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