NFL Musings and Observations (Well That was Inevitable)

Some things in life appear to be inevitable. Everyone will try and use every single tax break and loop hole and then complain about someone who makes more money doing the same thing. That is inevitable. Someone in a SUV will drive way too fast in the snow and go off the road and will blame someone else for their lack of driving common sense. That is inevitable. Pumpkin spice which is good but not THAT good will be cherished by a white girl dressed up like Han Solo. That is inevitable. When I told my wife to calm down during an argument and she did the EXACT OPPOSITE of calming down was inevitable. The Bills beating the Texans easily was inevitable.

This is where the issue comes from many teams playing a inferior opponent play down to that opponent and hence the upset begins. So this is more of a battle of the good team against themselves to avoid the mental trap of looking ahead. This happens every year in the NFL and college football. When it occurs it is less about the losing team and more about the better team being complacent. So in a sense the Bills were much more impressive in their mental toughness rather than their physical benefits.

Random Bills Thoughts:

1.) Weather is always a pivotal element in all football games. The Bills didn't use it a a crutch but seemed to embrace the rain storm. It was fun and good for the team to play in less than ideal conditions. I especially liked how JA17 used his talents to really push the ball own field. This is different than other Bills QBs or to be honest most QBs in the league in those conditions.

2.) There is a play where JA17 is rushed to the sidelines and he pulls up an throws a dart on time and in step of the WR and it is amazing. If that was Patrick Mahomes the whole of twitter would of exploded. It's only JA17 for many and some are still saying he is not accurate still. But I love that he seems so confident in the system.

3.) Anyone else think that Spencer Brown was acting like a big kid out there? I'll be honest the joke about the height difference with the Texans DB is hilarious and the celebration after a DE false start is hilarious. Now with the Bills in control I loved the celebrations, obviously if the Bills were getting the doors blown out that wouldn't be the time. I liked how Brown brought some fun to an often overlooked position. He is going to grow into his role but he is fun.

4.) To those who say the the Beane and McDermott regime only want boy scouts and only want those players where you can set your watch to your hair cut. No, they worked with McCoy and they didn't immediately get rid of Zay Jones. I didn't see Spencer Brown being schooled on the sideline for having fun. I believe that odd storyline that the Bills only want Boy Scouts is also falsehood.

5.) Cody Ford is getting into bust potential. I'm not saying he is a bust right now but he is leaning towards that direction. IT just seems like he has his limit and that's it. That is his limit and he is not going to get any better or worse. What you see is what you get with Ford. I believe this is his last year with teh Bills

6.) It is kind of difficult writing a ton about a blow out. But the Bills have had three blow outs in a row. They haven't beaten any team that makes you go and say WOW that is a great team but a win is a win is a win. A blow out is even better. This beat down to the Texans reminds me of Nelson Muntz.

Random NFL Thoughts:

1.) The Patriots lost to the Buc and Tom Brady but the real story is how much Chris Collinsworth loves Tom Brady. I mean its that odd love that kind of freaks you out.

That is Chris Collinsworth with Tom Brady. Creepy but back to the game. Can anyone just not be impressed with either team? It wasn't overly impressive by any team and no team had really that elite moment. If I were to say anything about the Bucs it was that talent saved the day because it wasn't game plan. As for the Mac Jones.... he is the new Captain Checkdown and you can just see the Grand Canyon of difference between Josh Allen and his talent and Mac Jones.

2.) The true hero of the Pats V. Bucs is Steve Belicheck and him rocking the first Rat Tail and Mullet combo hair cut. It takes a real man to look at themselves in the mirror with that hair cut and think "Damn, I'm totally hot" and you know he thinks that. I have seen birds nests that are more organized than that hair cut. I know that if he ends up not working out as a coach he can have a petting zoo with a tranquilizer gun.

3.) The Jets Won? The Giants Won? I checked to see my bank account to see if I had more money and hit the jackpot because I didn't see the jack pot hitting...both in overtime. But here were are. This is what I really take from this game as a whole. The Titans????? Really? How you going to let the jet beat you. I also will point out that Ryan Tannenhill is who I thought his ceiling will be, good for him but he is not a top ten QB.

4.) Anyone else think that Pete Carroll is the problem with the Seahawks? What I mean by that is the Seahawks go to offensive play is Russell Wilson pulling something out of his ass after running around. The Bills love crossers and they will just dine on deep comebacks because JA27 can drive the ball from either has to a 14 yard comeback if the CB is playing a bail technique. What does Seattle love? Wilson finding a rabbit and calling it magic.

5.) One of the worse things from yesterday is that Dallas has won. Now, I like Dak and I like Micah Parson's however the Dallas fanbase is coming and you know for some its all about Dem Cowboys. However I don't believe they are the best in the AFC.

6.) Good for Justin Fields on his first win and he looked much better however this is more proof that Matt Nagy is the issue in Chicago along with Ryan Pace. Fields looked more comfortable and I'm not saying he isn't going have more bad games because they did just beat some knee biters. But I believe that Fields is a long work in progress but good for the kid after that embarrassing lose last week.

7.) Last Thought: Urban Meyer got more scoring over the weekend than his team has all season. Go ahead and google that...hilarious.

Have a Great Week!

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