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Bills Muttfia a successful partnership between Erie County SPCA, Brandon & Hayley Beane

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

NFL players and teams make a positive impact in their community all the time. From donations flooding in for the Oishei Children’s Hospital to help working with food banks around the area, the Buffalo Bills and Bills fans have a great reputation and history of helping out those less fortunate. We wanted to highlight one effort that is speaking up for the ones that can’t speak for themselves: Bills Muttfia.

Bills Muttfia is a program started by Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane and his wife, Hayley. For every home game touchdown scored by the Bills, the Beanes donate the adoption fee for one animal at the Erie County SPCA. Animals are drafted into the program each weekend when the Bills score and posted to social media.

“No matter what happens at work — good day, bad day, you win 40 to nothing, lose 40 to nothing — your dogs are fired up to see you when you come in the door, and that’s a cool feeling; the love and nurturing that they bring to the family,” Brandon Beane told Then his family put their money and time where their heart is.

The Beanes began the program with the 2020 season, which just so happened to coincide with an offensive explosion for the Bills. That meant a lot of pet adoptions. They were able to sponsor 17 dogs, 14 cats, four bunnies, two guinea pigs, two roosters, a pig, and a rat during the 2020 season, and a total of 41 animals! In 2021. They have seen four animals adopted, four animals are pending adoption, and another five are on the way as of the time of this writing following their third home game of the season.

“The most rewarding part is definitely seeing a pet adopted into a happy home,” Hayley Beane told us. “It’s a win-win for the pet and the new owner. I find that most of the time, people need the animals as much as the animal need them.”

Brandon and Hayley Beane
Hayley Beane

In 2019 and previously, Lindsey and Stephen Hauschka, the Bills’ longtime placekicker, funded the program. Hauschka didn’t make the team in 2020 so the Beanes stepped up to help the animals of Erie County.

The support from the Bills’ fan community has been the most unexpected part of the journey for Mrs. Beane, who just joined the Board of Directors at the ECSPCA. The Mafia Babes sponsored a tailgate party on Sunday, Oct. 3, that raised money for the organization and awareness for the cause.

“I’ve loved the interaction with the fans,” she said. “So many have donated money or shared the animals each week on their social media accounts to help facilitate the adoptions.”

The Beanes have two rescue dogs of their own, so they’re walking the walk, too.

If you’re like to donate to help the Bills Muttfia and the Erie County SPCA, you can do it using this direct link.

We’ve been trumpeting the message for a while, too. Here is our interview from November 2020 with Mrs. Beane and hosts Robyn and Danyel.