Do the Bills Need Josh Allen's Best Game to be competitive vs. The Chiefs?

Someone suggested this in a recent post, so I did a little digging. And I came up with the following conclusion:

If history is a guide, the answer is a resounding NO.

The Bills just need Josh Allen to be above average. And if so, the Chiefs will be lucky to keep the game competitive.

Over his career, the Bills are 17-0 (including playoffs) when Allen's passer rating is higher than 104. Which is just about what his passer rating is over the last 20 games (104.8). And most of the time, the games weren't close: The Bills won by at least 2 scores in 13 of those 17 games.

How about when Josh Allen plays average? The Bills are almost as dominant when his passer rating is between 85 and 104 going 7-1 (including playoffs). But considering most of those wins were by one score, and against below average teams, an "average" game against an elite team like KC probably won't cut it.

Of course, when Josh plays poorly, the Bills almost always lose. They are 7-18 (including playoffs) when his passer rating is below 85.

As I have said many times this week, Josh Allen will be the reason the Bills win or lose this game. If he plays above average, it's almost a guarantee that they win, and it's likely they win big. An average performance could go either way. But don't expect the defense to bail out the Bills if Josh plays below average.

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