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Josh Allen to appear on Monday Night Football’s Chiefs-Giants Manningcast

The Bills QB will make a TV appearance tonight

Josh Allen is headed for primetime TV tonight—but not as a quarterback playing in Monday Night Football. The Buffalo Bills star will be a guest on ESPN’s Manningcast, a simulcast of the game on ESPN2 featuring Peyton and Eli Manning. Allen is set to join the program for the third quarter of the game between the New York Giants and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Allen is the first Bills personality to be featured on the show, although former Bills running back Marshawn Lynch (better known for his career with the Seattle Seahawks) has been on the program. Expect to hear Allen talk about his experiences playing against the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes, as well as his participation in the Manning Passing Academy when he was younger.

The Bills, unfortunately, missed having the popular Manningcast commentate their wild 34-31 loss to the Tennessee Titans. The show was on break while they played. With five more broadcasts scheduled for the Manning brothers, it’s not clear if the Bills will see them when they play the Patriots later in the season.