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Analysis: Josh Allen’s “Hero Ball” turnovers returned with terrible results against Jaguars

Allen reverted to his old bad habits at times

Yeah, I know you’re coming in hot after reading the headline so let me start with the following. Yes, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was under pressure all day long against the Jacksonville Jaguars. And yes, that does mean we should be less critical. Buuuuuuuut, less critical is not the same as complete exoneration. A few tweaks to Josh Allen’s game likely could have changed the outcome. We’ll focus on the turnovers strictly, as they’re the most glaring examples.

Interception 1

While the All-22 is out for this game, for some reason a LOOOOOT of plays are missing. Including all of these plays. It’s hard for me to say what else was open for Josh Allen. His head movement, or lack thereof, suggests he was reading only a part of the field. Cole Beasley does have the inside step, but by the time Allen throws it he’s been undercut and a good drive for the Bills is squandered. Buffalo is already in field goal range.

Interception 2

This is 3rd & 12 in the third quarter. I understand that Allen probably wanted to make something happen, but there’s still plenty of time left in the tied game. The defense was playing absurdly well. This would have been a great time to punt, take a deep breath and try again with a clear mind. Instead the worst possible result occurs. I cannot stress this enough. THIS play basically handed the Jags at least a field goal. Putting the ball up blindly right here is a major issue.

And just to be clear, this is a better view of the conditions Allen was facing when he elected to throw.

Lost fumble

This looks like an option play. Allen elects to keep it. Being fair to Josh, Dawuane Smoot was already there to make the play regardless of who had the ball. Singletary would reach the line quicker though, whereas Josh needs to dance around a bit. That point is debatable. Less so is how Josh is holding the ball and fighting to make something happen. The Bills are within Tyler Bass’ field goal range and this fumble prevented a shot at tying. With over five minutes left in the game, it’s not remotely unthinkable that the Bills get the ball back again. Three points is a perfectly good outcome here.


Again, yes, I know. The line was bad. Josh was hit routinely. The whole offense was a mess. Despite that the Bills still had chances. Some bad Josh Allen crept in, too. In the case of the turnovers, they ended two drives that were already in field goal range. The third set up Jacksonville for a score. In a three-point game, those are all fatal flaws. I have faith that Allen will reset himself, but this game was a doozy.