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Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets: Rookie review

Brown returns to the lineup with a strong effort

In what many analysts are coining as a “get-right” game for the Buffalo Bills, the team managed to whip the New York Jets in the keister to the tune of 45-17, in a game that wasn’t really even that close. Wunderkind New York quarterback Mike White was brought down to earth thanks to the Bills’ secondary that recorded five takeaways. It was humming on offense as well, with some clever play calling in the run game complementing a strong day for Josh Allen and the passing attack. Meanwhile, many more rookies than usual were able to see the field against the Jets due to the lopsided nature of the game. More about how each rookie performed below.

DE Gregory Rousseau

Held sack-less throughout the game by Morgan Moses, Rousseau continues to show up against the run, this time including another tackle-for-loss (TFL) late in the first half. He was left unblocked for a moment on the play, and managed to be decisive in attacking the runner for a loss. He now is third on the team in TFLs. Where he needs to improve though is in his pass rush, in particular his hand usage. When playing bigger and stronger tackles, his simple two-armed bull rush isn’t enough to get it done, as Moses proved several times.

DE Carlos Basham Jr.

Most of his time on the field came in the latter half of the game, splitting some time as a 3-tech. He looked mighty sluggish in the passing game, utilizing mostly ineffectual methods of getting the hands of offensive linemen off of his chest. Similar to Rousseau, he’s finding that his bulk and strength isn’t enough to defeat NFL offensive tackles. He did have one TFL when facing a tight end in the run game late in the fourth when he was able to cut inside and tackle the runner.

OT Spencer Brown

Josh Allen had much better protection against the Jets than last week, and a lot of that has to do with Brown’s return from injury. The rookie right tackle turned in a solid game overall, with a few highlight plays, including on Matt Breida’s touchdown run early in the third quarter. On the play, Brown moved so quickly and efficiently on a lateral pull, he was able to surprise a box defender and pancake him to the ground. Brown looked more comfortable in the run game than the passing game, where he has a tendency to give a bit too much ground up.

OT Tommy Doyle

Doyle was actually active and was actually forced into the game at left tackle late in the first quarter. During that particular series he was caught lunging and was beat around the corner by old friend Shaq Lawson for a sack on third down, which put the team out of field goal range.

WR Marquez Stevenson

Stevenson was still listed on IR with a head injury. How long will this continue?

S Damar Hamlin

The rookie safety was active this week and managed to see the field in garbage time late in the fourth quarter, recording a single tackle.

OG Jack Anderson

On September 21, the Philadelphia Eagles signed Anderson to their 53-man roster and off of the Bills’ practice squad.