It's just about time for a change

Sorry if this comes out a bit rambling and unorganized. Let me start by saying I'm not ready to hit the panic button mid-season, but we're getting there. And by that, I mean we need to start planning for a Daboll-less offense next season. There's still plenty of flashes of last year's brilliance, but this team isn't getting it getting it done, and McD has to see that too. Sure, the defense took their lumps yesterday, and they need to fix the run defense this offseason, but the offense is what's really holding us back now.

Josh Allen isn't the problem. Yes, he's playing hero ball and we're getting burned on it sometimes. That's who he's always going to be, imo. His stats are well on their way to being better than 2019, but obviously not as good as last year. I still think his career will look a lot like Brett Favre's. But he needs help. This offseason, we need to get an OC that can scheme even a semi competent run game, and an O-line coach to develop the new guys we need to acquire and get the older guys back on track.

As I see it, bare minimum, we need to draft a center of the future, and obtain a left guard. I'm personally not a fan of Dawkins, but we can't afford to move him. Left guard has been a series of traffic cones. Morse has been decent, but uninspiring, and we can save $8.5 mil by cutting him if they can get someone who can outplay him. If not, ok one more year maybe isn't the worst thing. Williams got paid and has done decent at RG, if we can actually leave him there. Brown has acquitted himself well, so hopefully he continues that into next year.

I know a lot of people want to go and get an elite running back, but our guys have shown flashes of big play ability. But just like last year, you can't run through a brick wall. Fix the line and then go get a bell cow back if that doesn't help them. The difference is now our line can't protect Josh, let alone open holes for the running game, so we can't even rely on the passing game consistently. Which brings us back to Daboll. Anyone with eyes can see what's going on with our line. So why are we still using long developing plays? Where are the screens and rollouts? The quick slants? The dink and dunk that brings CB's into the intermediate and opens up the deep shots for Josh to just drop back quick and heave it to Diggs and Sanders? Maybe get Gilliam more involved as a TE and flex him and Knox around a bit to mess with defenses. Throw a chip and hit the flat, or go into a wishbone and lead block.

This coming offseason will be a good time to make significant investments. Josh will be on the last cheap year of his contract. Hughes will be a free agent, though I wouldn't be opposed to a 1 year extension for the right price. Addison and Butler are gone. Morse and Beasley can free up some space if we are comfortable moving on. We could bring in a big fish O-lineman in FA and front load the contract, and draft a couple guys to keep the cost down for a few years.

TL;DR: I'm tired of Daboll and his offense. I'll be forever grateful for his hand in getting Josh to this point, but after this season, it's time to go in a new direction and rebuild the offensive line to follow suit.

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