Predict the Score Week 12: Bills v Saints

Ugh. I can't believe I'm doing this. We're only one day from a bitter defeat that I'm still processing.There's a reason why I wait until Wednesday or Thursday to post this weekly contest--I'm a bit prone to over-reaction. But Imma try to pull up my big boy pants, focus on the positives and fake a smile for y'all. You know who doesn't have to fake a smile? Superflutie, who predicted the Colts would beat the Bills 31-10; which may have been giving the Bills ability to stop the run too much credit. Congrats. Enjoy this moment, somebody has to.

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Thanksgiving: Bills v Saints: March on they must, the Bills bring their battered army to New Orleans to play the Saints on Thanksgiving Day. Despite losing very badly, the Bills are a 3 point favorite against a Saints team that is also trying to find it's way. The over/under is 47 points. Ok, I'm done with the gloom and doom to give y'all something to enjoy. I'm not going to lie. I love New Orleans, it's a fun city. I love the music. I love the voodoo magic, food, and overall vibe. It's a great destination city if you have a few days to kill and don't want to gamble all your money away in Vega$. I almost bought tickets to this game, but pulled out at the last second. If you're going to Louisiana for Thanksgiving to take in this football game have fun, you can cook or eat Thanksgiving dinner any day of the year. And I know you don't need travel advice from me but I highly recommend going to Café du Monde for some coffee and beignets. For this week's movie poster, there's only two quintessential Thanksgiving movies -- yes, I know there are others. And since Scent of a Woman centers around some very dark themes, I went with the one that's the ultimate road trip (nevermind that it's also series of unfortunate events)-- notice the Superfan already has his chicory coffee from CdM. Enjoy:

Planes Saints and Buffalo Bills

Bills 21 Saints 17: This game isn't going to be fun to watch, if the tryptophan is kicking in, don't fight the urge to fall asleep. The Saints will be missing their star running back, a competent quarterback and the score ends up in our favor. This year, Josh Allen comes up to take a chomp off of Tre'davious White's turkey leg for his 2 INT, 1 Pick-6 effort leading the defense. The offense is stagnant but does just enough to keep the Saints at bay. Beasley and Knox get the TDs.

The 2¢ Report

  • Yes it's a great movie. But 30 minutes in, the odd couple are in St. Louis and need to find a way to Chicago. Chicago is only a four and a half hour drive from St. Louis. It shouldn't have taken two more days of incremental progress to get there. At some point Steve Martin's wife has to suck it up and drive down there to get him. Especially in the 80's when kids could be left alone at home without anyone caring.
  • John Candy was originally flying to Chicago. Why? Was he always intending on staying in the train terminal through Thanksgiving?
  • I know it's all about personal choices and stuff, but I have a hard time reconciling Star sitting out a COVID year, effectively extending his contract for a year and then not getting vaccinated when he had a chance.
  • This is the time for the Bills to put a winning streak together. Beat the Saints and Pats and then we'll all feel a little bit better heading into the stretch.
I hope y'all have a fantastic Thanksgiving -- may all your favorite T-day foods be cooked to perfection, the family remains agreeable throughout the day, you avoid washing dishes and win whatever the family game is at the end of the night. Happy prognosticating!

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