Major News Weekly trashes our NFL Team’s Namesake

Earlier this month Time Magazine ran a lengthy article on our team’s namesake Buffalo Bill Cody. The article online was tagged for their magazine’s history and books sections and you can find it by searching on ‘Time Buffalo Bill Myth’. In my opinion, this article is part of the recent social trend of tearing down American history and denigrating past historical figures. The Time article on "Buffalo Bill" Cody is an excerpt of a chapter in the book ‘Mediocre’ by Ijeoma Oluo. The historical premises the writer uses to ‘contextualize’ Buffalo Bill are part of a very recent school of thought that has been rejected by highly respected historians. Five of those well-known American historians are James McPherson, Gordon Wood, Victoria Bynum, James Oakes, and Sean Wilentz. To understand the destructive agenda of the author I encourage you to look at the book description on the websites Barnes&Noble or Amazon. Once you do that you can then read the article in context.

My fear is that some groups will latch onto this or something similar as part of a campaign against our Team name. In the next decade, in order to keep the "Buffalo Bills" Team name, we’ll need to fight back against the trashing of the team’s namesake. The ‘Bills’ name goes back to 1947, and refers to the Wild West Shows of Buffalo Bill Cody. Bills Fans should embrace the positive aspects of the history connected to our Team name, and be knowledgeable about it. You can find a brief history of the man on the website BuffaloBill Dot Org. Buffalo Bill Cody created an entertainment business by organizing world famous touring Wild West shows. These provided great entertainment and extolled the skills and virtues of the American Cowboy and Native Americans. We should embrace that history instead of letting the name of our NFL Team meet the same fate as Cleveland’s baseball team which after 106 years changes to the Cleveland Guardians.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving & LETS GO BILLS!!!

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