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Jamie D and Big Newt: A locker room divided cannot stand

Could the COVID-19 vaccination debate be leading to internal conflict?

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Jamie D and Big Newt podcast art
Podcast art for Jamie D and Big Newt
Josh Rawdin

Big Chris Newton is coming in hot in this episode of Jamie D and Big Newt. He, like many Buffalo Bills fans, is unhappy with the Bills’ 41-15 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

The hosts take a look at some advanced statistics that show the Bills aren’t too far off from their performance last season.

However, they wonder aloud why the Bills aren’t playing like the same team they were last year—in regard to undisciplined play and turnovers—despite bringing back the same cast of characters. Jamie D’Amico has a hot take that relates to issues could be affecting the locker room.

The question raised is whether the debate over COVID-19 vaccines has entered the locker room due to the outspoken positions of some players. Could head coach Sean McDermott be having a difficult time uniting the players?

Add to that the fact that Josh Allen signed one of the biggest contracts in NFL history and might be feeling additional pressure, along with lofty expectations of the team, the mental state of the team may be strained.

This, however, has historical context. The 1989 “Bickering” Bills were a team that came into the season with high expectations after going to the AFC Championship the previous season, but fell short of expectations due to internal fighting. But after one season of conflict the team learned how to handle the spotlight and when on an unprecedented streak of winning.

Let the hosts know if you agree! Hit them up on Twitter at @TheJamieDamico and @Big_Newt.

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