NFL Musings and Observations (Do we panic?)

There are always times in life when you have to decide to panic. I'll give an example if you are always fighting with your boss, wife, husband, family is it time to panic? It's hard to describe but you'll know when to panic. If it's been 6 months and you dread coming into work, talking to your significant other, have tried to be civil and it goes no where? Time to panic. We know the feeling, the deciding moment when its over and we go through the stages of grief. I have to ask, with the Bills is it time to panic?

NO! I'm married, celebrated my ten year anniversary last week and I love her with all my heart. But have we had issues? Have we have had fights? Have we been to counseling to just give it a nice tune u? You better believe it because it's not easy. But never once did I panic, didn't have the feeling of I need to start thinking of moving on. Am I using a huge example to describe the Bills? Yes, but it makes sense on a sense of instincts. But right now many fans are capture in a moment of time.

Being captured in a moment of time can paralysis anyone. Don't believe me? 28-3 has stopped the Falcons from functioning after they lost the Superbowl. They are virtually living in a moment and refuse to acknowledge and move on. It's an interesting case of being stuck in a moment. The Bills are not at that level yet and here is why:

1.) The Bills have the QB of the future in JA17: JA17 has not regressed but I would argue his offensive line has taken a step back. But we still see the his amazing talent but he has struggled to overcome the lack of help he has. I see that Patrick Mahomes gets a pass for his bad plays and lack luster games. Why? Because he was anointed the best thing since sliced bread (Betty White was born one year before slice bread was created) so he kind of gets a pass. JA17 is struggling to be super human but he is the solution for the QB position.

2.) Coach McDermott is the answer at head coach: Stuck in a moment as I said earlier is a terrible way to live a life. But look back for 17 years and see that the Bills Head Coaching circus.. Does anyone want to go back to Dick Jauron? Chan Gailey? Mike Mularky? Gregg Williams? Red Ryan? Sean McD has turned around the laughing stock of the NFL. The Bills were becoming the Raiders of the East if you remember the bad Al Davis final years. He in his tenure has only missed the playoffs once. Deep breaths folks.

3.) GM Brandon Beane is the answer: Want me to list the prior GMs as well? I'll save my breath but the Bills have talent like they haven't had since the 90s! Do they have holes? Yes, but every team has holes in it after the introduction of Free Agency.

As you can see the Bills have the three biggest questions are answered. Are they perfect? No, of course not but before you say something let me ask you question. If those three were to be in the market how many teams would be willing to move off of their current QB, Head Coach and General Manager for JA17, Coach McD and Brandon Beane. If you answer is 20+ teams would go and get one of those three you would be correct. So lets pump the breaks on being overly dramatic fans.

Random Bills Thoughts:

1.) The Bills need to draft a huge DT. One of the biggest issues is when Starr is not in the lineup the D-Line is pushed around. This needs to be corrected. Ed Oliver is learning and coming into his own but he is not the type of player to hold up against a run blocking double team. Starr is built for that and he isn't getting any younger. This needs to be addressed.

2.) Keep it simple: I have no idea why the Bills continued to play nickel defense with so many DBs when Jonathon Taylor was running through the defense and to quote Jim Ross was tougher than a two dollar steak. With inflation he is was as tough as a $3.22 dollar steak. If a team is running on your team and the weather is miserable they need to change out and go big on big. The Bills are struggling to keep it simple.

3.) The Bills need to draft a guard early in the draft. They really need to get better in terms of the interior offensive line. Dion Dawkins is a good LT and for the price he costs the Bills no complaints. Spencer Brown is looking like the answer at RT. But the guard position and with Mitch Morse concussion history they need to answer the interior offensive line, badly!

4.) Bills need a better running back. The Bills have given Zach Moss and Singletary enough time to show what they got and frankly, they need to be in the league but they're not explosive enough to be dynamic. They just don't have the ability to break the game wide open. In a league where defenses are so complex sometimes it becomes a struggle to get cheap yards in the running game.

5.) Did the big play capability vanish? Yes and no. The Bills have the playmakers to make those plays but the issue is the ability to protect long enough. JA17 it feels almost always has to go off script this year to make these chunk plays. How many big plays are coming from structure? From a drop back, clean pocket? Not many it is shows.

6.) The Bills drops are showing and it is really struggling the offense to get into a rhythm. When the Bills are starting to get into rhythm and boom drop pass and it just stops anything they're building. That is just a pain in the butt.

7.) What's worse than a drop pass? An ill-timed penalty. Now, penalties happen nd in some aspects I'm ok with a penalty. If you get beat clean and the DE or DT is about to crush JA17 a hold is ok. But the amount of personal fouls is absurd. The amount of false starts is absurd. Many of these are simply mental lapses and comes from lack of discipline. This is by far the biggest issue I have this year. Self inflicted wounds are the worse wounds.

Random NFL Thoughts:

1.) The Patriots are good again however lets not say they're something they're not. Looking at you the National Media. They have a very specific approach to how to play football. Play good defense, good special teams, heavy in the run game and NEVER ask Mac Jones to win the game. The Patriots understand themselves better than any other team in the league. They refuse to try and be something they are not and it is going to be an issue for the league but for them as well if a team can get them out of what they can do. This is the New England trap for them and other teams. If a team can get them into a shoot out and get some cheap TDs Mac Jones does not have the arm strength to go deep and drive the ball.

2.) Russel Wilson deserves better than Seattle and I think it's time for him to force a play for two things.

1.) Force a trade out of Seattle that would allow him to go to a place that can maximize his abilities. Right now, he is the only thing keeping the Seahawks above water.

2.) Force Pete Carroll out of Seattle. I think this is more likely as Pete Carroll looks more and more like the guy yelling "Get off my lawn" while drinking a Busch Light wearing ripped jean shorts and a wife beater on his porch. His offense is subpar and he is the driving force behind bringing in Jamal Adams a safety that is LEGIT a liability in the passing defense and it cost them two first round picks.

3.) Dan Campbell has a winless team playing hard! Major props to a leader that can motivate his followers who are struggling to continue to try their hardest. Biggest issue with Dan Campbell is he follows Matt Patricia who just ruined that franchise and the Ford's are terrible owners. But still major props.

4.) The NY Jets still suck. I mean SUCK!

5.) Aaron Rogers as vilified by some worse than Henry Ruggs. If you hold Rogers worse than Ruggs than your priorities are all out of line. I'm not making a Covid take but more so a statement as to how some people view the world. Lets just have one standard.

6.) If you need more games to evaluate Baker Mayfield than you're just stalling. Even before his injuries you can tell what he is and it is a franchise QB but not one that is on the level of Patrick Mahomes, JA17, Lamar Jackson etc. But people need to understand that it's ok to be good-very good but not at that elite level. That happens and it's ok. But the worse thing the Browns can do is of course pull a Joe Flacco and give way too much money for Baker's servicdes.

7.) The Bears are going to Bears and with the rumors that Matt Nagy might be fired after the Lions game I have come to one conclusion. He along with Ryan Pace should of been fired before the year. But if the rumor is out there then I believe some truth is in it. I'm predicting it, the Lions get their first win tomorrow and the Bears fire Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace.

8.) Its time for the NFL to look at the taunting rule and say that its making the game bland. Does it hold water for the penalty? Players, coaches and fans know a taunting penalty but it's to the point that sometimes you have no understanding as to what is a penalty. This goes back to the old what is a catch debate from a few years back. does it hold water? Why make a cup overly complex? No one does and the NFL needs to keep it simple.

9.) The Giants owner, the Mora family is a big supporter of the taunting rule. I'm not shocked as the Giants look to be stuck 20 years in the past. Daniel Jones is a BUST and it isn't his fault, he shouldn't of been drafted with the 6th overall pick. Barkley was taken instead of Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson. Will Hernandez is a terrible guard and he was an early second round pick. The Giants when given a chance to go and be innovative have decided to act like an angry old man who remembers the good ol-times in life when in reality things are changing. They need a fresh start.

10.) Be careful in the Watson sweepstakes because I'm not sold that he ever recovers. Way too much stuff is going on and lets be frank there maybe issues we don't know about. To me this is something that a team needs to be very careful about. Lets be honest, does a franchise want to take that gamble for that price unless he is completely cleared. I wouldn't because this is over 20 people making allegations. I wouldn't risk it.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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