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Buffalo Bills 10, New Orleans Saints 0: Second-half open thread

Two Bills interceptions kept more points off the board

The Buffalo Bills are halfway through their Thanksgiving battle with the New Orleans Saints, leading 10-0 at the break. The margin could’ve been wider, but a few negative plays in clutch situations prevented the Bills from scoring more points.

The Bills’ defense, facing an undermanned Saints squad, is comfortably pitching a shutout right now. The Saints have run ten times for 14 yards, and Trevor Siemian is only 7 of 13 for 68 yards. A fake punt play didn’t faze the Bills either. The only concern is with Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White, who injured his knee in the second quarter. He’s doubtful to return to the game, and here’s hoping it’s not a season-ending injury.

Offensively, the Bills marched down the field for a ten-play, 65-yard touchdown drive as they started the game. They were held to a punt on their second drive, and forced to kick a field goal on their third drive when Josh Allen took a sack on 3rd & 2. Allen then threw a rough interception on Buffalo’s next possession, misreading Stefon Diggs’s leverage against the defender. The Bills were able to take possession at midfield with two minutes left in the half, and Allen brought the Bills back to the red zone for the third time in the game. But on 2nd & 6, Allen was intercepted for the second time when his arm was hit, allowing the Saints to run out the clock without any points scored.

The Bills are set to receive the opening kickoff of the second half. While they would like to be leading by 20 points instead of 10, they can still start on the right foot by scoring points out of the break. They need to extend their lead as a confidence builder in this up and down season.

Here’s your open thread for the second half of the game. Go Bills!