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Bills vs. Saints: Tre’Davious White leaves game with knee injury

He did not look happy coming off the field

The Buffalo Bills have a tremendous secondary, starting with All-Pro Tre’Davious White. White’s excellent play allowed the Bills to focus their attention elsewhere. Against the New Orleans Saints on Thursday, White left the game during the second quarter with what appeared to be a knee injury.

White was emotional walking off the field, slamming his helmet on the ground with tears streaming down his face as he headed to the blue medical tent. On the replay, it appears as though his knee buckled from the side.

The Bills announced at the two-minute warning that he was doubtful to return. Just after halftime, they announced he wouldn’t be back tonight. If it’s a ligament tear, they can tell with a high degree of certainty on the field. They were working on his knee when he was down.

The Bills don’t have a ton of depth behind White. Dane Jackson is filling in and Cam Lewis is inactive. Siran Neal has played some outside cornerback and could step in, as well.

We will keep you updated. This is is a developing story.