NFL Musings and Observations (That was Expected)

The Bills won and good for them. It was expected that they won considering how depleted the Saints were heading into the game. It is always special when something happens and it meets our expectations. I'll give a perfect example of something meeting our expectation and that is Terminator: Judgement Day. I'll be honest, it didn't meet our expectations it blew them out of the water and that is what the Bills did to the Saints. John Connor being played by Josh Allen stole the show with Diggs as Sarah Connor and the emotionless husk that learned to act human led everything.... obviously Sean McDermott.

What s a good example of a team not meeting expectation? Terminator Salvation! I watched that movie in Theatres and there is a scene where the big robot stand up on two feet and releases two smaller motorcycle robots and I just thought. At what point does one of the "Machines" suggest they just poison the water supply or just wait it out for like 300 years and let us kill ourselves. No, the best solution was to make robot motorcycle killing machines. This was the Colts game. So when the Bills meet our expectations its a great feeling. I still to this day watch Terminator Judgement Day because it is such a good movie. As for Terminator Salvation I'll never get my money back.

Random Bills Thoughts:

1.) Josh Allen returned to form and I understand he had two interceptions but if Drew Brees didn't nail him for the picks I won't either. What I liked about the Bills whole game plan was the quality of runs that supported him. The Bills are never going to be a run first team. They have JA17 you just don't go full blown Titans when you have JA17. But I feel like they concentrated on running the ball.

2.) Matt Breida is now in my mind the RB1 that needs to be the focus point for the running game. When he is on the field he seems to just give the Bills some juice.

3.) Ed Oliver is starting to get red hot. He needs to continue to get better if the Bills are going to be taken seriously.

4.) The moves that Diggs has in route running is amazing. From a technical standpoint can someone name anyone in the league right now who is better at route running than Diggs? It is like watching an expert in their craft. Has anyone ever watch a master carpenter work? It's something I'll never forget as you can tell because it is so damn efficient. Diggs is a Master Route Runner.

5.) The Bills losing Tre White hurts on multiple levels. He is a leader on the team. He is the arguably the best defensive player on the field. He i clearly the best DB. He is a coach on the field. So the Bills will not be able to replace him, but can they minimize his lose? That is the question.

Random NFL Thoughts:

1.) How are the Lions going to lose by having a defensive delay of game by having the assistant coach call time out? By going full blow Lions. You never go full blown Lions. A few thoughts, only the Head Coach to my understanding can call a time out so what was the Defensive Coordinator doing even calling a timeout? That was just a lack of discipline and lets be honest, if you come out of a time out and you're still confused, you deserve to lose.

2.) The Cowboys-Raiders game was just getting bad because of the Refs. I have a Ref Rule that should be adapted, did the penalty change the course of the play? No? Don't throw a flag! It really is that simple.

3.) NFL Coaching openings as I see it right now:

AFC EAST: NY Jets: Robert Saleh: I hate firing a coach after the first year however the defense looks bad and Zach Wilson fails and then it was Sam Darnold and Zach Wilson back to back in failure... the Jets might say they need more of an offensive mind taking the lead.

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals: Zac Taylor: If the Bengals lose I could see them moving on from him. But this is the Bengals mind you, so I think they will probably want to give him one more year.

AFC South: I don't think any opening does occur but if one does open up it will be the Jags. Urban Meyers will suddenly have "Health" issues and end up taking the USC job.

AFC West: Denver: Very complete team except for the QB position. Good football city and a rabid fan base. This is also a good job. The Raiders: I'll be honest I wouldn't want that head coaching job but they have some pieces. Namely I wouldn't want Mike Mayock as the GM. Now if they start over I think it can be a good spot.

NFC East: Giants: This franchise needs to be torn down and just a full rebuild. They have fired Jason Garrett and had how many veterans retire during the training camp? It's dysfunctional. They need to just start everything over.

NFC North: Vikings: Zimmer might actually retire but if the Vikings miss the playoffs he might be fired. Lions: Just don't accept this job offer but i would be shocked if they fire Dan Campbell.

NFC South: Bucs: Bruce Arians I believe will retire if the Bucs repeat. If available this will be a good place but I hope Byron Leftwich gets the first interview.

NFC West: Seattle: I believe that this will be a Pete Carroll retires so he doesn't have to come out as being fired. But Seattle needs a change. 49ers: I'm just going to say this without the Superbowl season Kyle Shannahan has not had a lot of wins. Boom, I'll say it, he is in my mind overrated.

A shorter one but wanted to write.

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