NFL Musings and Observations (Return of Jedi)

Luke Skywalker by the end of Return of the Jedi finally became a Jedi Master. He was finished with his training by Grand Master Jedi Yoda. He dealt with the Jedi perspective from a different point of view when he kissed his sister Leai. He slew his father Darth Vader and returned him back to the Anakin Skywalker that was known as the best stat fighter pilot during the Clown Wars. Luke Skywalker accomplished so much in Return of the Jedi and with that being said I'll list players and coaches as Star Wars characters for some fun.

Josh Allen: Luke Skywalker! He is truly the whole story in the AFC East. He is probably the most valuable person in the Star Wars universe and unless you're a full blown geek and go with a Darth Bane it's Luke. Josh Allen came from a farm/he was highly doubted and had some bumps along the way. But he never gave up hope, he was also about hope. JA17 is one of the most hopeful people in the NFL and with Luke Skywalk and Josh Allen they're both A New Hope.

Sean McDermott: Admiral Ackbar: Admiral Ackbar is an incredibly smart and tactical leader. However he is often underrated in terms of recognition. I know that he is something special and when Han Solo was struggling to get the shields down and Luke Skywalker was doing his force thing with the Sith Lords someone had to lead with greater force. That person was Admiral Ackbar. Sean McDermott is a wonderful coach and he is talked about but he doesn't really get talked about with the Kyle Shannahan and Sean McVay type. Side Note: What a terrible ending for Admiral Ackbar to die so easily in the Last Jedi just so they can push an unknown character into focus for no reason.

Brandon Beane: Grand Admiral Thrawn: The greatest moment of Grand Admiral Thrawn is probably the realization that if he was at the Battle of Endor the Empire wins. He had the respect of everyone in the Empire to include the Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. Brandon Beane has brought success into one of the hardest organizations to have success in the NFL. With that being said no one had a harder path to success than an Alien within the xenophobic Empire. Beane took a franchise which is not a free agent destination and made Buffalo the place. Side Note: Can't believe Star Wars Rebels had Thrawn defeated by a space whale!

Diggs: Han Solo: Who s by far the coolest person in the Star Wars universe? You know him, you love him, he is the best looking nerf herder in the galaxy, Diggs is Solo. Did you see how fast Diggs set up Marcus Lattimore on that out route? It was so fast, like he did the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. That is so fast that Diggs and Solo changed a unit of measurement into a unit of time. But like Han Solo we know that Diggs will shoot first!

Josh McDaniels: Darth Vader: Ok, hear me out. Who is the whiny person who has tried to be the head honcho but has failed multiple times? Darth Vader. Who do we believe in the NFL has tried twice to be a head coach and once failed and returned to his master and a second time quit and returned to his master? Josh McDaniels. Look at Denver and his weird time with the Colts. Yes, McDaniel's is a great mind in offensive football as was Darth Vader with his fifth form of lightsaber combat. But with all the fandom of Darth Vader we truly know that something small can really screw him up, think about sand with Vader and leaving Belicheck with McDaniels.

Coach Belicheck: Darth Sidious: Rules the galaxy (NFL) has had a lot of people leave him and fail and return to his side? Check. Likes to wear robes or a hoodie? Check. Learned from one of the most powerful Sith Lords and then had greater success? Check, Darth Plagis. Used technology to manipulate results? Order 66 and Spygate, Deflate Gate, Spygate again when they spied on the Bengals like two years ago. Like, I don't know if there is a better one than this.

Spencer Brown: Chewbacca: Dude is HUGE! Chewbacca is HUGE! Brown is becoming a fan favorite, Chewbacca is a fan favorite. Both would protect their buddy whether it be Josh Allen or Han Solo. I mean this is pretty much an easy one

Mac Jones: General Grievous: During the Clone Wars General Grievous was good enough to beat average Jedi but he was told specifically by Count Dooku that if he lacked speed and surprise to retreat knowing that he could not beat the better Jedi one on one without some help. Kind of reminds me of Mac Jones. He can win but he doesn't have the talent right now to beat the truly elite QBs. The Patriots know this and play into the strengths of Mac Jones and limit his opportunities to make mistakes by their very philosophy. This is actually one of my favorite comparisons.

Mid-Season NFL Mock Draft: Used so here is a top ten and the Bills pick.

1.) Lions: Aidan Hutchinson/Edge: Comes from Michigan and will be a fan favorite. He is legit. Plus with a terrible QB Class the Lions don't have anywhere else to go.

2.) Texans: Kayvon Thibodeaux/Edge: Weak QB class. Texans need multiple pieces to fix where the are so here is the reasonable thing. Go BPA, trade Watson for picks in 2023 and then build up the team before bringing in a QB.

3.) Jags: Derek Stingley Jr/CB: Best CB in the draft and the Jags traded CJ Henderson to the Panthers this year. They need some more pieces so bring in a hell of a good CB.

4.) Jets: Evan Neal/OT: You'll never see me upset with a team bringing in an offensive lineman.

5.) Jets: Kyle Hamilton/Safety: Jet defense need play makers and if you have watch Hamilton play you know that he is one hell of a playmaker.

6.) Giants: Matt Corral: QB: The Daniel Jones era is done. Go and get yourself a QB and I'm not sure any of these QBs are great prospect but they can't bring back Jones next year.

7.) Giants: Ikem Ekwonu/OT: I'll never be upset with going Offensive Line. This is just a mentality I have because those young QBs need protection.

8.) Football Team: Malik Willis/QB: Trey Lance came out of no where last year and Willis I'm predicting will skyrocket into the top ten. He has all the physical tools. The Football team needs a young QB. They go big on potential.

9.) Eagles: George Karlaftis/Edge: Might as well bring in an edge rusher. To bring back success in the NFL that the Eagles had they were be on rushing. Lets bring back some more rushing capabilities.

10.) Eagles: Chris Olave/WR: Reagor is a bust, they missed out on Justin Jefferson by picking the wrong guy. They need some more help whomever is the QB. Think of Smith and Olave on both ends of the field.

22.) Buffalo Bills: Tyler Linderbaum/IOL: The Bills are watching the interior offensive line being ushed around way too much. Also, Mitch Morse is one concussion away from being knocked out. Cody Ford is a bust. They need offensive line help but if you can ring in Linderbaum that is a huge thing. First, he is from Iowa which is pretty much offensive Line university. He pinned Tristen Wirfs in a wrestling match, he is a former defensive lineman so he has that going for him. Just a solid pick!

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