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AFC East Roundup: Trick or treat

The division kept us on our toes Sunday

Halloween has come and gone but in this edition of the AFC East Roundup we’re going to dig into our bag of NFL treats to see what Halloween handed the division on Sunday. So, let’s dive in and recap the action from the games this past weekend.

The Buffalo Bills game against the Miami Dolphins was a tale of two halves. In the first half, fans must of thought they were part of some sick trick as the high-powered Bills offense only put up three points against a stingy Dolphins defense. Once the second half started, the treats started to come out. The offense put up 23 points and receiver Cole Beasley caught ten passes for 110 yards. Josh Allen finished with over 300 total yards for the game with three total touchdowns.

As we’re well aware, the Dolphins found their day filled with a lot of tricks. The team was primed to enter halftime with a lead after getting a short field with less than a minute to go. However, a snap hit Mike Gesicki while he was in motion that caused the Bills to recover the loose ball. The loss dropped the team to a disappointing 1-7 on the season after entering September with playoff hopes. The remainder of their season should be focused on finding out if Tua Tagovailoa is the Dolphins’ franchise quarterback or another in a long line of signal callers who just didn’t meet expectations.

With rookie quarterback Zach Wilson out due to a knee injury, New York Jets fans were not expecting treats on Halloween since another rookie, Mike White, was set to start. But it seems White must have gotten the post-Halloween sale early because he was handing out more treats than the fanbase could handle. He passed for 405 yards with three touchdowns as the Jets were able to upset the playoff-focused Cincinnati Bengals. As seasoned Bills fans know, White’s treats may come with some bitter fruit—in the form of a nice quarterback controversy should White continue to play well and somehow keep Wilson on the bench when he’s healthy.

The New England Patriots filled the New England air with plenty of treats as they defeated the Los Angeles Chargers—a major contender in the AFC. The defense for the Patriots came up clutch as usual with safety Adrian Phillips pulling in two interceptions, including one he returned for the go-ahead touchdown. With the team now sitting at 4-4, Patriots fans may be trying to determine if the treats are true or if there are tricks around the corner fooling them to believe that their favorite team is playoff bound.